Granny Drops a Clanger Knitting and Crochet club

Granny Drops a Clanger is a knitting and Crochet club that is honoured to be the Folkestone branch of the UK’s Knitting and crochet Guild



The Quaterhouse, Tontine Street, Folkestone

We meet each Thursday from 6-8pm mostly at the Clearing cafe at the Quarterhouse Theatre in Folkestone. You can check dates on their ‘get involved’ page  and in between these gatherings we meet at various locations around Folkestone’s Old high street. Just message me through the contact page and I can add you to the mailing list for information about meet ups. 

I teach people how to knit for free (lots of pix here of newbie knitters and their first makes) and i also help people read patterns, read charts, challenge themselves to knit bigger or more complex projects and we have a couple of amazing crocheters who help others with that wonderful skill.

Absolutely anyone can knit, with patience and perseverance and everyone is welcome.